Our residential & commercial cleaning Services

Windows, glass fencing & balustrades

Our environment here in Australia can get very dry and dusty, we do get a lot of rain and more often than not that rain carries dirt and sandy particles which are left behind when dried.

Along our coastal fringe here in Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and all of the neighborhoods surrounding, we get a lot of ocean mist and salt in the air too due to big swells and great surf.

External glass can suffer greatly from salt water spray, oxidisation, airborne pollutants, dirt, rust and minerals. 

People don’t realise that glass can wear down over time, because glass has a porous surface which absorbs elements; this can lead to glass becoming permanantly stained and damaged inside and out. 

Solar panels

Studies have shown that a dirty solar system could lose up to 50% of its efficiency due to dirt, dust and even bird droppings which block out huge amounts of solar gain.

Solar panels are most susceptible to the harsh conditions as they are mostly at flat angles and are almost always a glass surface.

In most cases being out of sight the dirt, dust and mould build-up can go unnoticed.

Maintaining regularly cleaned solar panels is the most cost effective way to maximise the efficiency of the system and in turn save you the most on your utility bills. We advise solar panel cleaning to be carried out twice a year, at the beginning of the summer months to really make the most of the long bright day and remove the layers of build up that will have accumulated throughout the previous winter and before winter sets in to make sure the panels are perfectly clear in order to efficiently make use of all of the available sun light whilst the days are shorter and the weather is more unpredictable.

Business signage & building facades

Although not as affected by the environment as windows and solar, your business signage and/or building facades still benefit from periodic cleaning.

They serve as a vital component in the visual image and first impression of your premises and company. 

The vast majority of work is within the commercial cleaning services sector including window cleaning external glass , solar panel cleaning and glass balcony balustrades. We also clean a huge range of business signage and building facades. 

Our equipment is extremely versatile and we are very flexible in our methods of using it, so if there is somewhere or something that you doubt can be cleaned, chances are we can achieve a result for you.